Who are we?

We are a bunch of young people of the Emmanuel Community who believe that Jesus has a special meaning for our lives. Together with the Emmanuel School of Mission and the helpers we organize the Easter forum, which we aim to be an event where the joy of faith can be truly experienced.

You want to donate?


By donating, you allow young people from every country to discover and to dive into the mystery of Easter. Don’t hestitate to contact us, if you have any questions and would like to get more information about who we are and what we do. You can also directly send your donation to our bank account. Once again, thank you very much!​​


What's with Covid?

At the moment the government has no more Covid rules for events. We ask every participant to do a self test before arrival though. At the churches in Altötting there are still rules to wear a mask. We will update you in Altötting if it ist still like thsi. If there are any sudden changes, we will inform you on this website as well.

In any case we ask you to cancel if you have Covid symptoms or if you have met people who were tested positive five days before the event.

Please respect each other if people want to wear a mask.

Where can I sleep?

The cheapest option is to sleep at the gym. It’s simple, but has a special flair.

You can also book one of the hotels, pensions or vacation rents in Altötting. At the website of the tourism office you find an overview.

There are also a few hosts in Altötting who take guests. We can’t guarantee a place for everyone though and would like to offer it to those who have can’t afford another place or sleep at the gym e.g. for health reasons. Contact us, if you’re interested.


When can I register for the Easter Forum?

On March 23rd. Some countries organize a bus trip to Altötting. In this case you can also register thru the local responsibles. It’s also possible to register in Altötting, but in case there needs to be a limit, it’s better to register early.

Can I help with anything?

If you’re interested to do a service, just contact us by email. There will also be occasions to spontaneously help with services in Altötting by raising your hand.

If you’d like to help to set up and tear down, you can chose the option to volunteer at the online registration.

We’re also greatful for your prayers for the event and all participants.


My financial situation is difficult. Is there an option for discounts?

We’s like to welcome everyone, regardless of the financial situation. Contact us, if there is a problem and we’ll find a solution. 

For participants from other countries, who travel far, there are also some special offers – some countries organize groups journeys. It cheaper and the more the merrier. 

Another option is to volunteer for the set up and clean up.

Is there an age limit

Yes, you need to be at least 16 years old. If your’re 17 or 18 you need to be with an responsible of legal age and we need the document for underage participants sigend by your parents before the participantion starts. 


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