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Would you like to be our helping hand?

From April 9th-19th there is a small program for volonteers. We help to set up all practical things for the event, but also spend the time in community, prayer and with leisure activites. Most of the practical work will be before and after the Easter Forum. During the Easter Forum there will be only a few jobs. If you would like to join, you can just choose this option during the registration process and you can use the following discount coupon:  Aufbau-und-Abbauhelfer

We will provide you a stay over for the whole time and take care of the meals before and after the event. So you only pay 20 € for the participation fee (if you use the discount coupon) and the meal tickets for the time of the Easter Forum (evening of the 14th- lunch at the 18th). 

Can I help during the Easter Forum?

Also during the event there will be different occasions to help, sor example during the meals, to set up the easter party or to take care of an hour at the prayer room. We will ask for this during the announcements. 


Being a volonteer at the Easter Forum was a great experience. I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and to experience easter differently – in community. I’m looking forward to do it again!

- Bruno