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Current Covid rules

Today, April 7th, there are no rules about a “G” status for events. We ask everyone though, to make an antigen test before, especially if you sleep at the gym or other rooms we offered.

At the churches in altötting there’s still a rule to wear masks.

For all other program points please respct each other for the decision to wear a mask or not.


Can rules change?

If there are bigger changes, you’ll find it on this website and in the news. In Alöttting we will inform you if there are still mask rules at the churches. Please bring an FFP2 mask with you, in case it’s required.


Als Volontär beim Osterforum gewesen zu sein, war eine tolle Erfahrung. Ich konnte Leute aus der ganzen Welt kennenlernen und Ostern anders erleben – in Gemeinschaft. Ich freue mich nochmal zu kommen.

- Bruno