Feiere die Kar- und Ostertage mit vielen Jugendlichen aus ganz Europa und erlebe die unbeschreibliche Freude des Auferstandenen.


Start: Thursday, April 18th

The registration opens at 3:30pm in the Dreihfachturnhalle, the program starts at 5pm and dinner ist at 6:15pm.

Ends: Easter Monday after the Holy Mass.

Whoever wants to eat the lunch packet and help with clean-up, can come back to Dreifachturnhalle.


During the days you can expect talk, praise and worship, time for silence und prayer, but also an Easter night Party until early in the morning, an Easter brunch, Workshops, and small groups, where you can meet new people and talk with. In short: It is made that you can go deeper into the Mystery of the day but also to recharge and to enjoy the free time.


The exact program will be released here at a later time.


The time of Mass are already set:

Holy Thursday: April 18th, 8pm: The Last Supper (Basilika)

Good Friday: April 19th, 6:30pm: The Crucifixion of Jesus (Basilika)

Holy Saturday: April 20th, 8:45pm: Easter Vigil (St. Josef)

Easter Sunday: April 21st, 2:30pm: Easter Praise and Worship, 3:00pm Easter Mass (Basilika)

Easter Monday: April 22nd, 11:30am: Mass with the Travel Blessing(Basilika)