Feiere die Kar- und Ostertage mit vielen Jugendlichen aus ganz Europa und erlebe die unbeschreibliche Freude des Auferstandenen.

Easter Forum 2020 – Program

This program is from 14.02.2020 and can still change

Thursday  April 9th Friday April 10th Saturday April 11th Sunday April 12th Monday April 13th
08:00 Breakfast (DFT) 08:00 Breakfast (DFT) 08:30 Breakfast and pick up lunch to go (DFT)
09:00 Short talk (DFT) 09:00 Laudes (engl.) (DFT) 09:30 Easter Praise, Talk (DFT)
09:15 Laudes (DFT) Talk (DFT) 11:30 Holy Mass (B)
Stations of the cross/ in Companionships TIme for personal prayer and prayer groups 10:30 Easter Brunch (DFT)
15:30 – 19:30 Registration (DFT) 12:15 Lent meal (DFT) 12:00 Lunch (DFT) Sports/ Leisure activities (DFT or outdoors)
17:00 Opening and Praise (DFT) 14:00 Talk (DFT) 14:00 Short talk (DFT) 14:30 Easter Praise (B)
17:30 Companionships 14:45 Chaplet of Divine Mercy Workshops (DFT) 15:00 Easter Mass (B)
18:15 Dinner


17:15 Lent meal  (DFT) Companionships 16:45 Companionships
20:00 Short Talk (B) 18:30 Passion Service (B) 18:00 Dinner (DFT) 18:00 Dinner (DFT)
20:00 Mass of the Lord’s Supper

then Holy Hour (B) until 22:30

ca. 20:45

until 22:15

Different offers / end  together


20:00 Easter Vigil (SJ) 20:00 Evening program (DFT)
Easter Party until 5:00 (DFT)


If you want to eat your lunch together and help with the clean up, you can join us and come back to the gym (Dreifachturnhalle)